Commercial Signage

Imagine being able to promote your business or organization to hundreds or thousands of people just by driving around your own community! This isn’t just possible - people are doing it every day! Thanks to commercial car signs, you can advertise your business on a single car or an entire fleet. It’s quick, simple and cost-effective. With Magic Bus Enterprises, you can get your business on the move!

Commercial Advertising Signage Options for Vehicles

All car signs and decals are custom made in our shop headquarters where we have full control over the design, printing and cutting. This ensures high quality results that are guaranteed to look professional and instill prospective customers with confidence and trust.

Our signage is made from high quality materials that feature brilliant, full-color design. We’re happy to custom design a decal for you, or you can send over your logo for a perfect match. Below are some of the options that are available for promoting your business or organization.

  • Car decals. Our decals can be made for any part of your vehicle, such as the door or rear window. Made from high-quality vinyl, the decals won’t damage your paint and can be removed at any time.
  • Car graphics. Our auto body graphics, car wraps and rear window graphics offer large coverage. They are guaranteed to stand out on the road, even in traffic, and get your brand noticed.
  • Car lettering. We recommend car lettering for businesses that want something simple but professional. Choose the best color and font to advertise your business name and phone number.
  • Car window decals. Get custom decals to use as promotional materials and hand them out to people to support your business. Our window decals can be individually cut for easy distribution.
Vinyl vehicle wraps Tempe, az

Why Choose Vehicle Signage to Support Your Business

Whether you have an established business or are launching a startup, vehicle signs are the perfect way to get the word out. You have a large canvas to work with, so use it to your advantage. Think of your vehicle as a large billboard, except that you don’t have to pay to rent the space. Instead, you pay once for the car wrap and continue to get exposure for days, months and years. Here are the key benefits of choosing commercial vehicle wraps:
  • Low-cost advertising
  • Boost professional image
  • Strengthen brand identity
  • Reach a wide audience
  • Speak to a targeted audience
  • Less competition from other advertisers
Are you ready to see what a commercial vehicle wrap can do for your business? Contact Magic Bus Enterprises for a free quote and to speak with one of our professional design experts.

Examples of Commercial Signage Projects