Custom Graphics/Decals

All car graphics and decals are custom made in our shop headquarters, where we have full control over the design, printing, and cutting. This guarantees high-quality results that look professional and instill prospective customers with confidence and trust.

Our signage is derived from high-quality materials that feature brilliant, full-color design. We're happy to customize a decal for you, or you can send your logo for a perfect match. Below are some of the options we offer for promoting your business or organization.

Car decals. Our decals can be made for any part of your vehicle, such as the windshield or doors. The decals are made from high-quality vinyl and won’t damage your paint and can be removed at any time.

Car graphics. Our auto body graphics, car wraps and rear window graphics offer large coverage. They are guaranteed to stand out on the road, even in traffic, and can help to get your brand noticed.

Car lettering. We recommend car lettering for any businesses that want something simple and professional. Choose the best fonts and colors to advertise your business name and information.

Car window decals. Get custom decals to use as advertising tools and hand them out to people to support your business. Our window decals can easily be cut for distribution.

What are Vehicle Wraps?

Car wraps are made from premium vinyl and “wrap” around your vehicle to give it an entirely new look without breaking the bank. Vehicle wraps can be used to change paint colors or create highly customized finish options that would be difficult to do with paints or sprays alone. When done right, vehicle wraps are indistinguishable from an OEM paint job.

Not only are car wraps made for aesthetic purposes, but also for added protection. By having a vehicle wrap installed, your car’s paint job is fully protected. There is also no need to apply wax or clear coat to your vehicle - only soap and water is needed to keep your car looking its best. If part of the wrap does become damaged for some reason, it can be economically replaced.

Popular Types of Car Wraps

There are different types of car wraps, and the type you choose is based on the look you are trying to achieve. Here are the most popular wraps we offer:
  • Complete vehicle wrap. This type of wrap covers the entire car and offers absolute protection. It’s a great choice if you want to change the color of your vehicle or add a matte or metallic finish.
  • Partial vehicle wrap. A partial wrap wraps around certain parts of your car for cosmetic or protective purposes. You can go with this option if you want to incorporate unique elements such as a camouflage trim.
  • Roof wraps. Roof wraps go on your car’s roof and provide a contrasting look against the rest of the vehicle. This is a unique aesthetic that most cars don’t have, and your options for color and contrast are endless.
  • Hood wraps. Looking to add something to your car’s hood? Hood wraps give vehicles a sporty look, even if it’s not a sports car. Or perhaps you are improving your car’s performance and you want a new look to validate it. Hood wraps are a great option.

Benefits of Installing an Auto Wrap

We know how much you love your car, so why not give it some distinct characteristics that separate it from other cars on the road? The advantages to adding a vehicle wrap to your car are:

  • Add unique finishing touches
  • Preserve your car’s paint
  • Increase the resale value of your car
  • Keep your car looking new
  • Easy to care for and repair
  • Less expensive than a custom paint job
Are you ready to see what a vehicle wrap can do for your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle? Contact Magic Bus Enterprises for your free quote.

Examples of Vehicle Wrap and Graphics Projects