XPEL Paint Protection Film

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Paint Protection Film - Clear Bra

Magic Bus understands that a vehicle is among the most expensive purchases you will make, and we are here to help protect your investment. One way we can help to keep your vehicle looking new is with paint protection film, also known as a clear bra, clear mask, clear wrap or invisible shield.

The integrity of your vehicle's paint and thus appearance can quickly change once it’s on the road. Between dents, chips, stains, rust and discoloration, the investment you were once proud of can quickly turn into an eyesore. A proper paint job to repair these flaws can cost thousands of dollars.

Paint protection film (PPF) is the best defense you can give your vehicle, as it creates a barrier between your car and its aesthetics. But, not all clear bras are created equal. Magic Bus Enterprises uses the industry's top film producer, XPEL. XPEL film is known for its exceptional quality, durability, and resilience to everyday scuffs, chips, scratches and more. We will provide your vehicle with the coverage it needs to maintain its pristine condition. We are a one-stop shop here to serve all of your vinyl, tint, or striping needs!

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XPEL Film - the highest standard in the industry

Why do I need a Clear Bra?

Curious to know what a clear wrap protects against? Pretty much everything! To be specific, a clear bra will act as a barrier for the following elements:

  • Rock and road debris
  • Bird droppings
  • Bug splatters
  • Mineral deposits
  • Acid rain
  • Scuffs

In other words, your car will be protected from chipped and scratched paint, corrosion, sun fading and scratches. Finally - you can enjoy your car without having to worry about what's around the corner. Many chemicals once used in paints are now banned because they are hazardous to the environment. Today's paints are much softer and less durable, resulting in easier chips, dents, stains and corrosion. For the best protection, clear bras have the "it" factor. And, the only thing you need to do is keep it clean and it will continue working for you! Speaking of maintenance...

Clear Bras are low maintenance! Its water resistance ensures that it does not have to be removed, as some other paint protectors may have to be, before a car wash or during stormy weather. If you’re noticing dirt or bug buildup, it can also be cleaned with mild soap and water.

Clear Bras make for better resale value. A pristine paint quality maintained over the years makes for an excellent resale value when it is time to trade in or sell your vehicle. Just peel off the film before selling and Voila! Good as new! The film is easily removable. If your clear bra sustains any damage, it can be easily removed, leaving the paint underneath unharmed and saving you from the costly paint touch-ups or other body work.

How Does Paint Protection Film Work?

Clear bra material is made from thermoplastic urethane film. This urethane film is resistant to corrosion and acidic contaminants so it creates a line of defense between your car and bird droppings, acid rain and bug splatters. It does not oxidize when exposed to the sun’s rays, protecting your car from fading and sun damage. And, if your car is inflicted with a scratch, the film will absorb the damage instead. Because the top layer consists of elastomeric polymers, the film heals itself and returns to its normal properties. The film is created to be completely clear and can only be seen if inspecting up close for the seam. Clear bra film comes in varying degrees of thickness, measured in mils, offering various levels of protection capabilities.

The most common installation of paint protection film covers more vulnerable areas such as front bumpers, hoods, side mirrors, door handle cavities, door edges, rocker panels, and rear fender panels of cars, trucks, and SUV’s. If you’re looking for total paint protection, a Clear Bra can be installed on the entire vehicle for maximum protection.

Because of the durability of this product it has a vast array of application options in addition to cars and trucks. The same paint protection film is used among RV/s and motorhomes, motorcycles, airplanes, cell phones and other electronics.

At Magic Bus Enterprises, we know it is not easy to entrust one of your valuables in someone else's hands. We understand. This is why it’s important to choose a reputable company that provides you with a high quality product, proper installation and a lifetime installation warranty. (Psst...that’s us!)

Installation Method

Although there are no certification or training requirements to purchase paint protection film, the installation can be quite difficult and requires a skilled technician with patience and a critical eye. It takes over three years and thousands of installations for an installer to be considered an expert. Because the installations require a high level of expertise, it is recommended that paint protection film be installed at a certified installation shop to avoid potential damage to your vehicle and wasted product.


The preferred method of clear bra installation is through the use of commercial plotting equipment which precisely plots film for installation on the vehicle’s body. A plotter relies on specially developed software to design and cut bulk rolls of film to exact specifications of the car, truck, or SUV which allows for accurate installation that results in a factory appearance. The end result is a product that people are unable to tell has been applied to the vehicle.

To see how much a clear bra will cost for your vehicle, get a free quote from Magic Bus Enterprises today.


What chemicals can I use on my Clear Bra?

Most car wash, wax, and detail sprays are safe to use on Clear Bra film. We do recommend that you avoid any products that contain high amounts of petroleum distillates such as kerosene or naphtha. A high-quality detail spray is a great option for cleaning paint protection films. There are a wide array of cleaning products available to remove stains on Clear Bra that do not come off with regular soap and water from a car wash. Before investing in a special cleaning product, we recommend trying a little isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a microfiber rag. Typically rubbing alcohol will remove the stains but if there is a stain or debris that has been on the surface of the film for a long period, you can also try a little amount of lacquer thinner, or bug/tar remover.

Can I use a pressure washer on my Clear Bra?

Yes, you can use a pressure washer on Clear Bra film. We do recommend waiting at least 72 hours after installation before using a pressure washer on paint protection film. If you do decide to use a pressure washer, you should avoid the edges of the protection film as the water pressure could cause the edges to lift and ruin the adhesive. We do not recommend using automatic car washes, especially the ones that utilize brushes to clean the car.

What is covered under warranty?

The premium version of paint protection film offered by Xpel can last up to 10 years and is warrantied against yellowing, delaminating, staining, cracking, bubbling, and peeling for this time period. As an installation company we offer a lifetime warranty against any flaws in our installation of the product, including lifting or bubbling.

Examples of Paint Protection Projects