Racing & Pin Stripes

Are you looking to spruce up your vehicle with new racing stripes or pinstripes? Magic Bus Enterprises offers custom solutions for racing stripes and pinstripes.

All vinyl racing stripes are made in our headquarters where we have full control over the design, cut and print. They are made from high-performance vinyl and available in single line pinstriping, double line pinstriping and multi-line pinstriping as well as specialty pinstripes.

Our design professionals can also paint pinstripes onto your car. This option offers basic designs or the ability to really customize including different special editions, such as an “Arizona Edition,” etc. It’s amazing what these customized graphics can do for your vehicle without having to drop a fortune!

Why Add Auto Pinstripes or Decals to Your Vehicle?

At first glance, it might seem like auto pinstripes are simply lines on a car. But for anyone who has seen the before-and-after effects, it's obvious that pinstripes are much more than that. Here are a few reasons why our customers have pinstripes added to their vehicle.

  • Add color to a basic paint scheme. Many cars on the road have basic color schemes like black, red or silver. If you want to add some color to your vehicle without making it look cheesy, pinstripes are the way to accomplish this. Opt for a sophisticated color like charcoal or silver, or try something fun, like the colors of your favorite sports team.
  • Hide imperfections in a car. Are there things that you don’t like about your car? Whether it’s defective paint or an unusual body accent, you can use racing decals to cover them up, or at least blend them into the design.
  • Change the visual look of a car. If you don’t like driving around the same car as everyone else, give your vehicle a distinct appearance with custom auto pinstripes. You can also use the pinstripes to give your vehicle a sleeker or more sporty appearance.

Only the Best Should Handle Your Pinstripes!

Automotive pinstripes are not all the same. Magic Bus Enterprises offers vinyl sticker stripes and hand painted pinstripes that require a steady hand and a talent for design. Our solutions will give your racing car the flair it needs to get noticed - and taken seriously - on the road.

Contact us today for a free quote on adding racing stripes to your vehicle.

Examples of Stripe & Graphic Projects